About Calibre Brand Solutions:

CBS as a design and pre-press agency believes in the power of collaboration. The free flow of ideas is encouraged internally with our client service and studio teams. This exchange of ideas ensures that all aspects of brand development are project-managed with precise attention to detail. Maintaining the brand’s DNA is a top priority at CBS! This is why our quality management systems ensure consistency and quality in everything we produce.


The CBS Quality Management Flowchart


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The Company:

An interview with Angela Deary




Angela is the Managing Director of CBS

and what better way to gain insight into the agency than through the MD herself!

Tell us a bit about where you are from and how you got to Cape Town?


I was born in Namibia and grew up on a farm in the Northern parts of Namibia. I went to boarding school for 12 years and after matric I studied further at Zonnebloem, in Cape Town, where I did Business Economics, Mercantile Law and Accounting 1 & 2. That’s how I got to Cape Town.

How did you end up running a packaging design agency?


My love for brands started through watching adverts on TV. I would literally just sit and watch adverts and try to analyse them. After my studies, I got introduced to advertising while I worked at Ogilvy and Mather specifically production finance. That was my foot in the door. I then joined The Exquisite Art Company (now Calibre Brand Solutions) in 1996 where I managed Traffic, Client Service and was a Studio Assistant. At the time there were only 4 of us who did everything so I had the opportunity to be very hands on. It’s through this experience that I was able to develop systems that would enable the company to be more efficient. I became a Director in 2000 and in 2012 I took over as sole owner of the company. So I guess my love of brands and my experience, having done the work of the agency with my own hands in the various departments, is how I ended up running this agency.


Why did The Exquisite Art Company become Calibre Brand Solutions?


The name change was purely a cosmetic change because we felt the name was ambiguous. For example we would get calls from people asking if we do frames for art which made us realise that we probably sound like an art gallery. We felt that Calibre Brand Solutions captures the essence of who we are and what we stand for.


When you were growing up, did you know that this is where you would be at this point in time?


I always knew that whatever I did, I would climb the ladder. I am passionate about being an achiever and I’m not done yet, I have a 10 year plan!



What do you think makes a successful and relevant agency?


A successful agency is one that has passion, is hard working, selfless, is visionary and takes a certain amount of risks. When it comes to relevance, you have to stay with the times and follow trends. Even from a technical perspective for example, you have to ask what are the latest printing techniques and corporate identities. You have to care enough to know what goes on out there and not become stale.


Where do you see Calibre Brand Solutions in 10 years from now?


Calibre will have evolved because of this visionary team & collaborative thinking which will take the company into the next decade.


Running a company is not the most stress free thing to do so how do you let off some steam?


I believe that exercise is not a luxury, it’s a necessity to stay alive and cope with stress. I find training at the gym very monotonous and boring for me personally so I chose to pursue karate. I’ve been doing karate going on 9 years now. I’m a 2 DAN now which means I’m on my second black belt going on to 3 DAN. Karate is a way of life and the levels become less important.


What keeps you going from one day to the next?


“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. And I’m not done!” That saying sums up my philosophy and the essence of who I am as person. My passion for life keeps me going and I love living: “Live the life you love and love the life you live!”