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Cape Town has been nominated as the healthiest city in South Africa therefore we have decided to focus on packaging used in the health market – some interesting ideas from your local deli salad to cold-pressed juices. A different approach to packaging health foods is to focus on well-known “unhealthy” items and rebrand with a creative twist.


Interactive flavoured water – the consumer pushes a button to release the flavour into the water.


Cup-of-soup – literally in a takeaway cup, making it easier to consume a healthier alternative on the run, or at your desk.



It doesn’t matter where in the world you find yourself, Calibre can help you with your packaging needs. We have experience and knowledge to assist you when it comes to international packaging, recycling, translations and organic information. So if you are ready to expand into the international market, contact us to help you grow.


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We at Calibre are proud to have teamed up with Brandhouse to assist in the repositioning of the Bells Whisky brand. We worked within legal guidelines and parameters on all front and back labels from the little 15ml bottle up to the 1L bottle, as well as the shipper cartons. Final repro ready artwork was supplied to Scotland for printing.


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Looking after mother earth has been an ongoing trend, which means that packaging must be made from biodegradable materials. Packaging of goods can easily turn to trash on the side of the road, therefore it is vitally important to change trash into natures treasure. Environmental responsible packaging is becoming more important as consumers are becoming very aware of going green and saving the planet.


Coffee cups and pizza boxes have been manufactured using these materials, serving as compost after they have been recycled.


Innovative brands are challenging packaging to a new level. They are moving away from the initial generalised packaging and focusing on the product and its affect on the environment. Shick® created a biodegradable shaver, which turns into fertilizer after it has been disposed of.




Toothbrushes are also following this trend and going the environmentally friendly route.


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