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News September 2014

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Spring is in the air if you are in the Southern Hemisphere as we are, so we have put together this month’s edition with some of our favourite Spring and Summer things. We kick off with none other than ice-cream of course. Whether young or old, this is one delicacy we ALL enjoy. We have put together some packaging that makes us want to have a scoop or two… or three!

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New from Calibre

Last month one of our features was around packaging specifically for children. Calibre is proud to have been a part of bringing to life the Liqui-fruit Spongebob juices for children. Our team worked hard to ensure that all the necessary requirements from a copyright and trade mark perspective were met as well as doing extensive repro work to make sure that the designs on these packs looked as attractive and bright as can be for little people.



Nothing says summer is here like cocktail parties. There’s something refreshing and exciting about sipping on a cocktail after a long, hot day at work. Unless you enjoy making your own cocktails, you never really experience what the actual packaging of your favourite drink is made up of. Here are a few of our favourites in all their glory.



Calibre Quick fact

Project Management is a key pillar in the service delivery of Calibre. Well established traffic and production systems not only ensure that timings are met internally, Calibre also project manages photo shoots and signing off of print runs as this is our passion. Our network of suppliers developed over the last 20 years has enabled us to have experience in not just delivering final art but also being knowledgable about what processes will ensure that the best quality of products reach the shelf.


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News August 2014

This month’s newsletter sees us taking a journey through the world of wacky, crazy, cool and unusual packaging. Don’t be alarmed though – as wacky, crazy and unusual need not be feared. In fact, this packaging really pushes one to think beyond the conventional. For instance, instead of having endless arguments about how to squeeze the toothpaste, why not just buy double sided toothpaste? That way everybody wins! Or what about perfume that ‘shows’ you which body parts are stimulated by the combination of aromas used?


New from Calibre

We are proud to have partnered with White Star once again to adapt their packaging for their on-pack competition where consumers can win their share of R3 million worth of prizes by purchasing any of the competition packs and smsing their unique code to the designated number to stand a chance to win. It was an exciting project as we raced against the clock to ensure that these packs launched in time for the start of the competition!



Packaging for little people

If you are a parent, you know the power of branding when it comes to children’s goods. Whether it’s Spongebob, Lightening McQueen or Barney, kids will jump at the opportunity to ‘own’ items branded with their favourite characters. It’s not just these famous characters that have a hold on children, it’s bright colours, images of animals and cartoons that will draw immediate attention for little people. We have gathered some designs that we love and have even included a blast from the past… can you recognise which of the below images it is? We won’t ask you to share how old you were at the time!




Calibre quick facts

R146 – Do you know what that is? We do… it is the Government’s regulations regarding labelling and advertising of foodstuffs. And we adhere to these standards in all our food packaging.




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Launching our new Website

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Our New Website

We all know that we are living in a digital age where everything is accessible online. It is therefore with great excitement that Calibre is re-launching its website. This has been an amazing process and we are thankful to Imagine Creative Services for the awesome job they did of making the website such an amazing visual feast for the eyes! The website uses the latest coding & is fully ‘responsive’ which means it will resize to tablets and smart phones. Each page has social and email share functionalities and a subscription manager that will make sure you get the very latest news and trends from us. Please follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

Win a Hamper!

In light of this, we are launching a competition where you can stand a chance to win a hamper made up of: Johnnie Walker Black Label, Smirnoff vodka (flavoured), Gordon’s Gin and a 6 pack Heineken! The competition will last for the duration of May and the winner will be announced in the next edition of our newsletter. All you have to do to win is take a fun selfie of yourself with our website in the background and then post it on our Facebook page (don’t forget to ‘like’ this page). We look forward to receiving your entries as well as your interaction with our website going forward!

Oil Inspirations

We kick off this month’s edition with something we are certain most of you have probably overlooked because it is such a common item in the household. What are we on about? Cooking oils of course! This common household item is often not thought of as an item that can be exciting and bold in terms of packaging design. We have found some interesting designs to what you would usually find in store.


Out the box thinking

The journey of any design process begins with creativity and thinking out-of-the-box. While many concepts will never make it to the shelf, it doesn’t mean that these are not worthy of a mention. So take a look at some interesting conceptual designs.


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