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Calibre celebrates it’s 25th anniversary of passion, skill and experience this year! We believe in the notion that “There is no substitute for hard work” [Thomas Edison]. Consequently, we attribute success to the appetite we have for that discipline. 25 years, a significant milestone, one that we are proud of in a sector that is constantly ever-changing.


We are dedicated in evolving, with the stronghold of our visionary and collaborative thinking team that maintains relevance and will take us into the next 25 years.




For those of you that have received our 2015 calendar, you will have noticed that every page has a brain teaser, crossword or puzzle to solve. Here are the solutions to the puzzles for weeks 5 – 9. Look out for solutions to more puzzles every month.






If you have not received your calendar yet, please contact Angela at or
on 082 781 6268 to get your copy!


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Marsala is the new Black! This is according to Pantone® who have named Pantone® Marsala 18-1438 as the colour for 2015. It is also the foundation for the Spring/Summer 2015 palette. For 15 years, Pantone® Colour of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design.



Marsala is an ideal colour for use in packaging because although not being a bright, overwhelming colour, its richness makes it alluring at point-of-purchase.



We believe in cost-saving and where possible, we make recommendations regarding substrates, use of colours, special effects, such as varnishes and foils, that could impact on the print cost and pass these suggestions and ultimate savings back to the client.




Sasko recently launched two new delicious Quick Treats products namely Cheese & Chives Flavoured Muffin Mix and Cookie Mix when they upgraded their existing packaging lines. Every variant in the Sasko Quick Treats range makes a mouth-watering recipe in half the time it would ordinarily take.


Calibre was asked to review the packaging and was involved in ‘refreshing’ the Quick Treats Range. Updating of various icons and images on the packaging to make it easier for the consumer and ultimately a more shopable product.





Sonoco Display and Packaging has been recognised with a WorldStar 2015 Packaging Award for its Whirlpool® Water EveryDrop™ water filter package by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).


This new-to-the-market product reinvents packaging for on-the-go water filters. The water droplet shape of the clamshell cavity positions the filter so the outer graphics clearly communicate what it is, how it works and the many ways to use this innovative product. Additionally, the outer printed sleeve attracts shoppers to a 3-D printed water droplet effect and refreshing graphic colour scheme.




Spine Vodka was a private project by Johannes Schulz after his graduation from an international communication design school in Hamburg, Germany. Taking the name of the brand literally, he created a widened bottle that holds a spine with full ribcage to communicate a product with a “backbone”. He kept the rest of the bottle design simple so as not to distract from the intricacy of the glass human skeleton.


A drink that lives up to its promise – honest and strong, and the transparent glass stands for a product that doesn’t have anything to hide.


This Concept is a Nominee for the 2015 German Design Award.




A fun take on how the simple notion of hanging teabags on the rim of your cup can be done. Different types of teas are differenciated by different colour hangers.




Gloji Mix is boasted as one of the healthiest drinks available. Each bottle of Gloji Mix is said to contain juice from hundreds of berries, as well as from pomegranate, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Gloji’s primary claim to fame however, is the unique light bulb shaped bottle it comes in. This style is meant to represent Gloji’s ability to “light you up” from the inside out.


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The year is slowly but surely wrapping up and holidays are just around the corner. Shopping malls are stocking their shelves with all kinds of fun and exciting packaging.



The redesigned Allsorts Packaging won 1st Place in the dieline Awards in 2014 in the confectionery category.





Networking is important in any industry. Calibre stands behind this statement and believes that through networking we not only gain up-to-date info relevant to our industry, but get to meet up with other like-minded people and share ideas.



Pioneer Foods launched a new bread range which we were fortunate enough to be part of. What a stunning project. We designed the lines, managed colour and signed off proofs on press. A typical 360 for Calibre. Look out for these four delicious flavours on shelf!





These aluminum cans contain milk! The designer showed this by adding udders to the design. The different colours identify the different kinds of milk.



This pitcher packaging for fresh cow’s milk is intriguing and easy to use and reuse.



The case is made up of recycled moulded egg cartons and the bottles are totally recyclable aluminum.



Spotted Cow milk is playful, youthful and based around good ol’ milk mustaches and spilled milk.



A packaging concept around Soy Milk.







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date-header TREND-header

Cape Town has been nominated as the healthiest city in South Africa therefore we have decided to focus on packaging used in the health market – some interesting ideas from your local deli salad to cold-pressed juices. A different approach to packaging health foods is to focus on well-known “unhealthy” items and rebrand with a creative twist.


Interactive flavoured water – the consumer pushes a button to release the flavour into the water.


Cup-of-soup – literally in a takeaway cup, making it easier to consume a healthier alternative on the run, or at your desk.



It doesn’t matter where in the world you find yourself, Calibre can help you with your packaging needs. We have experience and knowledge to assist you when it comes to international packaging, recycling, translations and organic information. So if you are ready to expand into the international market, contact us to help you grow.



We at Calibre are proud to have teamed up with Brandhouse to assist in the repositioning of the Bells Whisky brand. We worked within legal guidelines and parameters on all front and back labels from the little 15ml bottle up to the 1L bottle, as well as the shipper cartons. Final repro ready artwork was supplied to Scotland for printing.



Looking after mother earth has been an ongoing trend, which means that packaging must be made from biodegradable materials. Packaging of goods can easily turn to trash on the side of the road, therefore it is vitally important to change trash into natures treasure. Environmental responsible packaging is becoming more important as consumers are becoming very aware of going green and saving the planet.


Coffee cups and pizza boxes have been manufactured using these materials, serving as compost after they have been recycled.


Innovative brands are challenging packaging to a new level. They are moving away from the initial generalised packaging and focusing on the product and its affect on the environment. Shick® created a biodegradable shaver, which turns into fertilizer after it has been disposed of.




Toothbrushes are also following this trend and going the environmentally friendly route.


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Brands are always looking at ways to remain relevant to an ever-changing market. One of the ways this is done, is by doing what we would like to call ‘seasonal branding’. Brands will ‘re-invent’ themselves to capture the heart of a season. In the spirit of HALLOWEEN we have decided to showcase some interesting and fun packaging around this theme.


How can Dairy make more of special occasions? Other sectors always head first into the seasonal market. Here are some examples of how the boundaries of dairy could be pushed:

01A-Scary-Dairy 01B-Scary-Dairy


Fanta have taken it a step further with limited edition flavours and competitions:




Did you know that Oreo was born the same year that the Titanic sank – in 1912.

In addition to their traditional design of two chocolate biscuits with a cream filling, they have been produced in many different ways to associate their brand with various seasons and special occasions: Winter, Halloween and birthdays, to name a few:






We were commissioned to illustrate and prepare print ready files for 2kg, 5kg and 10kg Indonesian Spekko Rice.



Specific guidelines need to be followed when flexo printing on LDPE (low density polyethylene). This material is a plastic which is used mainly for its heat-seal ability (when the bag is glued together at the seams) and for bulk in packaging ie. rice. But, because of its movement on press, barcodes have to be made to specific specs and type cannot be too thin or small. The grey in the image above indicates the clear or see-through area on the pack.


Image progression:



06-QUICK-FACT-HEADERR429 is the Department of Health’s updated guidelines on R146 which relates to labelling and advertising of foods for compliance purposes. We at Calibre are keeping ourselves informed and updated on the latest of information and technical requirements in the industry.



With Summer fast approaching, what better way to get into the mood than with a braai… Whatever you may call it, nothing comes close to a braai with friends and family. Every family has it’s own way of doing it and their own secret recipes.


Jack Daniel’s has their own range of sauces and marinades – and yes, they do contain the Tennessee Whiskey as an ingredient.



Hugo’s Hot Sauce took a metaphorical approach to the label illustrations – starting with a matchstick to represent the mildest flavour, increasing in spiciness to camp fire, forest fire, fuse and lightning bolt.




Below we showcase some examples of the varied way in which braai meat is packaged around the world.




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News September 2014

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Spring is in the air if you are in the Southern Hemisphere as we are, so we have put together this month’s edition with some of our favourite Spring and Summer things. We kick off with none other than ice-cream of course. Whether young or old, this is one delicacy we ALL enjoy. We have put together some packaging that makes us want to have a scoop or two… or three!

02-ICE 03-ICE 04-ICE 05-ICE 06-ICE 07-ICE 08-ICE


New from Calibre

Last month one of our features was around packaging specifically for children. Calibre is proud to have been a part of bringing to life the Liqui-fruit Spongebob juices for children. Our team worked hard to ensure that all the necessary requirements from a copyright and trade mark perspective were met as well as doing extensive repro work to make sure that the designs on these packs looked as attractive and bright as can be for little people.



Nothing says summer is here like cocktail parties. There’s something refreshing and exciting about sipping on a cocktail after a long, hot day at work. Unless you enjoy making your own cocktails, you never really experience what the actual packaging of your favourite drink is made up of. Here are a few of our favourites in all their glory.



Calibre Quick fact

Project Management is a key pillar in the service delivery of Calibre. Well established traffic and production systems not only ensure that timings are met internally, Calibre also project manages photo shoots and signing off of print runs as this is our passion. Our network of suppliers developed over the last 20 years has enabled us to have experience in not just delivering final art but also being knowledgable about what processes will ensure that the best quality of products reach the shelf.


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News August 2014

This month’s newsletter sees us taking a journey through the world of wacky, crazy, cool and unusual packaging. Don’t be alarmed though – as wacky, crazy and unusual need not be feared. In fact, this packaging really pushes one to think beyond the conventional. For instance, instead of having endless arguments about how to squeeze the toothpaste, why not just buy double sided toothpaste? That way everybody wins! Or what about perfume that ‘shows’ you which body parts are stimulated by the combination of aromas used?


New from Calibre

We are proud to have partnered with White Star once again to adapt their packaging for their on-pack competition where consumers can win their share of R3 million worth of prizes by purchasing any of the competition packs and smsing their unique code to the designated number to stand a chance to win. It was an exciting project as we raced against the clock to ensure that these packs launched in time for the start of the competition!



Packaging for little people

If you are a parent, you know the power of branding when it comes to children’s goods. Whether it’s Spongebob, Lightening McQueen or Barney, kids will jump at the opportunity to ‘own’ items branded with their favourite characters. It’s not just these famous characters that have a hold on children, it’s bright colours, images of animals and cartoons that will draw immediate attention for little people. We have gathered some designs that we love and have even included a blast from the past… can you recognise which of the below images it is? We won’t ask you to share how old you were at the time!




Calibre quick facts

R146 – Do you know what that is? We do… it is the Government’s regulations regarding labelling and advertising of foodstuffs. And we adhere to these standards in all our food packaging.




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New website

Launching our new Website

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Our New Website

We all know that we are living in a digital age where everything is accessible online. It is therefore with great excitement that Calibre is re-launching its website. This has been an amazing process and we are thankful to Imagine Creative Services for the awesome job they did of making the website such an amazing visual feast for the eyes! The website uses the latest coding & is fully ‘responsive’ which means it will resize to tablets and smart phones. Each page has social and email share functionalities and a subscription manager that will make sure you get the very latest news and trends from us. Please follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

Win a Hamper!

In light of this, we are launching a competition where you can stand a chance to win a hamper made up of: Johnnie Walker Black Label, Smirnoff vodka (flavoured), Gordon’s Gin and a 6 pack Heineken! The competition will last for the duration of May and the winner will be announced in the next edition of our newsletter. All you have to do to win is take a fun selfie of yourself with our website in the background and then post it on our Facebook page (don’t forget to ‘like’ this page). We look forward to receiving your entries as well as your interaction with our website going forward!

Oil Inspirations

We kick off this month’s edition with something we are certain most of you have probably overlooked because it is such a common item in the household. What are we on about? Cooking oils of course! This common household item is often not thought of as an item that can be exciting and bold in terms of packaging design. We have found some interesting designs to what you would usually find in store.


Out the box thinking

The journey of any design process begins with creativity and thinking out-of-the-box. While many concepts will never make it to the shelf, it doesn’t mean that these are not worthy of a mention. So take a look at some interesting conceptual designs.


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